Introduction to the Spider Cage

A Spider Cage, a unique and effective tool in physiotherapy, is gaining popularity for its role in enhancing motor skills, especially in paediatric therapy. This innovative equipment, resembling a cage with bungee cords, offers a versatile and engaging environment for various therapeutic exercises.

What is a Spider Cage?

The Spider Cage is a large, cube-shaped frame, surrounded by elastic cords. These cords can be adjusted in tension and position, allowing therapists to create a customised, three-dimensional support system for the patient.

Benefits of Spider Cage Therapy

Who Can Benefit?

Children with a range of motor difficulties, including those with cerebral palsy, developmental delays, balance and coordination disorders, and more, can benefit from Spider Cage therapy.

The Spider Cage is a remarkable tool in paediatric physiotherapy, offering a fun, safe, and effective way to enhance motor skills. At LEAP Centre, we are excited to offer this innovative approach to our young clients, helping them achieve their developmental milestones in a supportive and engaging environment. If your child could benefit from this therapy, our team is here to guide you through the process and celebrate every achievement along the way.