Empowering Positive Eating Experiences

At LEAP Centre, we understand the challenges that come with having a picky eater. Picky eating is a common concern among parents, and it can be stressful trying to ensure your child is receiving the nutrition they need. Our team is dedicated to helping children explore and expand their eating habits in a positive, supportive environment.

Understanding Picky Eating

Picky eating can involve a limited range of food preferences, strong food dislikes, or reluctance to try new foods. It’s often a normal part of development, but for some children, it can be linked to sensory sensitivities, oral motor difficulties, or other underlying issues.

How We Can Help

Holistic Assessment

Our occupational therapists and speech therapists work together to assess the factors contributing to your child’s picky eating. This comprehensive evaluation helps us understand the underlying causes and develop an effective approach.

We develop personalised strategies that suit your child’s specific needs. Our approach includes sensory-friendly experiences with food, building a positive and non-pressured environment around eating. Our therapists utilise a variety of techniques from different programs including SOS Feeding.

We focus on enhancing oral motor skills, food exploration, and gradually introducing new foods in a playful and engaging manner.

We believe in the power of family involvement. Our team provides guidance and support to families, helping them create positive mealtime experiences at home.

Our group or individual sessions are designed to be fun and stress-free, encouraging children to explore foods at their own pace.

Creating Joyful Mealtimes

Our goal is to transform eating from a source of stress to a source of joy for both children and their families. We strive to help picky eaters become more confident and comfortable with a variety of foods, improving their overall nutrition and mealtime experiences.

If your child is a picky eater and you’re looking for support, the LEAP Centre is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our approach to feeding therapy and how we can assist your family in nurturing healthier eating habits.