Fostering Connection and Engagement Through Play

At LEAP Centre, we understand the importance of play and social interactions in a child’s development. If you’re concerned about your child’s play skills or their ability to interact socially, our team is here to support and guide them. We believe every child has the potential to engage, connect, and thrive through play and interaction with others.

Understanding Play and Social Skills

Play is a vital part of childhood, essential for learning and development. It’s through play that children explore the world, learn social rules, and develop communication skills. Some children, however, may find it challenging to engage in play or interact socially due to a variety of developmental, sensory, or communication barriers.

How We Can Help

Skilled Assessment

Our team provides comprehensive assessments to understand your child’s play skills and social interaction abilities. This helps us identify specific areas where support is needed.

Based on our assessment, we develop personalised strategies to enhance your child’s play and social skills. This might include structured play sessions, social stories, or group activities to encourage interaction with peers.

We use play-based techniques to teach and enhance social skills in a natural, enjoyable setting. Our activities are designed to be fun and engaging, encouraging children to participate and learn.

We offer social skills groups led by our experienced therapists. These groups provide a safe and supportive environment for children to practice social interactions and build friendships.

We provide guidance and resources for families to encourage and support play and social interaction at home and in other settings.

Our team collaborates with educators and other professionals involved in your child’s care to ensure a consistent approach across all environments.

Building Skills for a Lifetime of Connections

Good play and social skills are foundational for a child’s lifelong journey. At LEAP Centre, we’re dedicated to helping children develop these essential skills in a nurturing and supportive environment. If your child struggles with play skills or social interactions, we’re here to help them develop, grow, and connect.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your child in building strong play and social interaction skills.