Cuevas Medek Exercises, or CME, is a revolutionary form of physiotherapy developed by Ramón Cuevas in the 1970s. It’s specifically designed for infants and children experiencing motor developmental delays. Unlike traditional physical therapy, CME actively exposes the child to gravity, promoting natural motor responses and accelerating the development of motor skills.

CME is based on the belief that exposing the child’s motor system to the natural force of gravity can help trigger automatic motor responses. This is especially beneficial for children with neurological disorders, as it encourages the development of voluntary control over their movements.

Who Can Benefit from CME?

CME is particularly effective for children with: Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays, or other motor disorders. It is suitable for children as young as three months old and can be adapted to suit older children with varying motor abilities.

The CME Approach

Introducing CME at Our Centre

At LEAP Centre, we’re excited to offer Cuevas Medek Exercises as part of our range of therapies. Our certified therapists are trained to deliver this specialised approach, providing tailored sessions to each child’s unique needs.

Parents and therapists often report significant improvements in the child’s posture, strength, and independent movement. The ultimate goal of CME is to help each child achieve the highest level of motor function possible, enhancing their independence and quality of life.

CME is more than just therapy; it’s a path to greater independence and confidence for children with motor challenges. By incorporating Cuevas Medek Exercises into our practice, we at LEAP Centre are committed to unlocking each child’s potential and supporting families on their journey towards growth and development.