Understanding Early Intervention

Early intervention refers to the services and supports available to babies and young children with developmental delays and disabilities, and their families. It can include speech therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy, among other services. Early intervention is crucial because it takes place at a time when a child’s brain is most adaptable and responsive to change.

Why Early Intervention Matters

When and How to Seek Early Intervention

If you notice your child is not meeting developmental milestones, or if they have been diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability, seeking early intervention is a crucial step. It starts with an evaluation by a team of professionals who assess the child’s needs and create a tailored intervention plan.

At LEAP Centre, we believe in the transformative power of early intervention. Our team of skilled therapists works closely with families to provide comprehensive, personalised therapy solutions. Whether in our clinic, your home, or your child’s school, we’re committed to fostering each child’s growth and development.